Welcome to the Heureca Extension! The shortcut to mystery cache solutions!

The Geocaching Toolbox!

Heureca as App
Heureca is now also available as app for mobile use and for use in all browsers. Please check it out!
Heureca as Chrome Extension

The Heureca extension provides various tools and functionalities right from the cache description web page:

  • most common decoding algorithms.
  • coordinate formulas are provided as form, simplifying the calculation of the final coordinates.
  • simplifying use of checkers by inserting the calculated coordinates.
  • quick links to Google Maps.
  • coordinate projection and other coordinate calculations.
  • auto decoding for fast checks.

Heureca is under development and new features will be added weekly.

Simplifies getting to the Coordinate!

Heureca runs as an extension and therefore can directly access the formulas and can be used directly from the cache page without switching between browser tabs. But the space is limited on the page so it has to be smart about what to show. E.g. when a text is to be decoded only those algorithms are displayed that make sense for the given input.

An automatic mode is provided that will apply all processors to the input and is displaying the results of the ones that make sense. A filter mechanism can be used to restrict the results, so if you can guess a word in the encoded text, this will simplify finding the solution. And since the number of filtered results is shorter, the tool is trying way more parameter for some of the decoding algorithms.

Coordinate formulas referenced in mysteries and multi cache descriptions are detected automatically in most cases and a simple form is provided. The extension will handle those forms for you and there is no need to calculate them on a sheet of paper or some clipboard. This makes it way easier to try different solutions.

Install it! It's free!

The Heureca Extension is a Chrome Extension that can be installed through the Google Chrome Web Store.

Once installed it will automatically appear on the geocaching.com pages next to description of Mystery or Multi Caches.

It is planned to also provide an addon for Firefox and publish a traditional web page so it can be used from Browsers and Mobiles. Stay tuned...

Heureca Formula Form screenshot